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The Capitolist
Monday, 22 November 2004
A Brief Concert Review: Madonna VII
American Life (from American Life, 2003)

The Che-istic military political-fashion motif of the American Life cover come to life.
A jarring background panorama of a shell-shocked battle spilled onto the stage as
Madonna and her unit crawled under shrapnel and fallout on their bellies. The spinning
Rifles of her dancer-infantry men, and boot-stomping choreography advanced into the
crowd with a giant V-shaped platform-bridge on which Madonna herself led the attack.

Stepping right above the heads of the crowd, I saw how big her army of fans really was.
I gasped as I realized that she could really run for President as a ex-general of pop music.
All the arena turned to the her as she was center arena and then back again, for the attack.
If it was a strategy of distracting from the sub-popular reviews of the song, it WORKED.

Though I think the song didn't really hit me with personal meaning, I know it did hit some people in the crowd as representative of their experience. So I surrendered to it.
Her means of protesting war and Bush's policies are at least enjoyable to watch. Cya!

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A Brief Concert Review: Madonna

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Posted by bwv at 2:55 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 24 November 2004 6:11 PM EST

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