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The Capitolist
Tuesday, 28 December 2004
A Brief Concert Review: Madonna XI
Mother and Father (from American Life, 2003)

Or maybe I've got the Catholic symbols mixed up with the Jewish and Cabal words
that were also flashing subliminal messages to the crowd that night. I don't recall as
much of this song as I'd like. Check out some other review on the web for me, thx. I
think I didn't like the stoppage of motion, of spectacle, that was now flowing in me.

Imagine (John Lennon cover)

A nice gesture by Madonna, with touching images of children in war countries, of
Jewish and Palestinian boys getting along in the end. I'm glad she sang it, although,
I don't know if I got the full feeling of the song. I thought that the synthesized sounds
were cool, but I guess Madonna's by-now-beautiful voice didn't get above pretty to me.
I did take the time to Imagine various solutions to problems in my life and in the world.

(And I did defend Madonna's sentiment from my free-market female friend who I saw
the show with. She thought it wrong for M to sing a communistic anthem (she said). I
said to take whatever positive meaning from the lyrics as one could. I didn't after all, go
and check out Madonna's plug for her Kabala "Spirituality for Kids" sign at the show later on. I am free to choose my politics and religion as Madonna is to express her own.)

Into The Groove...

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A Brief Concert Review: Madonna

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Posted by bwv at 4:33 PM EST

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