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It's true... I am experimenting with a (gasp!) blog!!

Read the first story from it - El Ladron Del Amor!

I'm FREE! Check out my personal ad!

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I attended and lived at the mighty University of Pennsylvania. I moved from Norristown, PA to Washington, D.C. area. (Thus, I belong to the DC Penn Club.) I sometimes live near The Black Cat, The Velvet Lounge and The 9:30 Club, and the MCI Center!

My family home is in Springfield, Virginia. I sometimes live near Jaxx night club!

(When I lived in DC, I used this ad.)

My brother attended high school in New York State. He now goes to George Mason University. I went to LaSalle College High School. (I also attended LaSalle University.)

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What do I look like? Here is a picture of me, back in the day. It's from a protest I helped organize Valentine's Day 1996. I'm in the middle with the cars to my back standing above the "Censorship Is Indecent" sign. Sigh. a state of mind. An essay I wrote won an award from Laissez-faire Books!

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I worked for Pobox and Comcast-Spectacor in 1998. I worked for 6 months (part-time) at Erol's Internet, part of the RCN family of companies. In 1999, after a great paid internship, I ran the mailroom at The Cato Institute! I was promoted to research assistant in their development department. I spent election season 2000 at The Club for Growth, and am back where I was at at Cato with a raise! I'm also involved with America's Future Foundation and The Maryland Public Policy Institute. I catsit for Tom Palmer! My resume so far..

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I use & endorse, I also recommend using Yahoo mail and

I like dancing with members of Culture Shock DC at the Thomas Circle Sports Club. I also go to Results. I like eating at their Health Bar.

I should spend more time at Five and Nation, esp. Buzz. Dancing Days will be here again.

For networking, I like using Orkut and Friendster. My Friendster profile.

To take my mind to other places, I like to read:

Julian Sanchez.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, esp. about the Flyers. And sometimes, the Sixers.

Some of my many favorite musicians include: Rush, Emm Gryner,Maggie Kim, The Cult, & The Fixx!


...I'M BACK!

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