• Processed Checks through internal billing software & Deposited at Bank on a Daily Basis
  • Processed Credit Card Account Payments through Internal Secure Server
  • Assisted Customers in Sending in Payments via Mail, Fax, or Email
  • Explained and Offered Customers different account payment options
  • Identified Expired Accounts and Notified Users of Payment Dues
  • Handled Credit Card Payments through Phone, Fax, Mail, and Email


  • Communicated and worked with full range of ISPs
  • Worked to resolve conflict with ISPs and maintain mail continuity
  • Identified as a non-spamming domain to other domains
  • Assisted customers in resolving problems with their ISPs and domains


  • Maintained Client URLs through system malfunctions
  • Maintained Client Email through system malfunctions
  • Assisted Customers in retaining email from primary ISP
  • Notified clients as to system changes & problems via Webpage update and Direct Notification
  • Protected Clients Privacy Concerns through System Upgrade
  • Monitored hardware & network operations for system problems
  • Monitored and tracked account activity through multiple relays and IP addresses through maillog translation & header codes


  • Provided support to administrative,technical, and billing departments
  • Dealt with building management, suppliers, upgraded phone system
  • Worked to maintain team operation in loosely centered enviroment
  • Answered Phones, Processed Mail, Rearranged Furniture & Network Wiring
  • Worked overnight or early mornings as required
  • Balanced employment with regular security job at Comcast-Spectacor
  • Solved self-generated problems & reduced internal company friction
  • Acted as interface agent between the company and the public
  • Updated Files, Miscellanous Hardware, and obtained Office Supplies
  • Found and trained replacement for position
  • Worked under multiple supervisors
  • Corresponded with multiple superviors in multiple locations


  • Promoted the Company through Events, Word of Mouth, and Advertising
  • Identified company media exposure and arranged awards & articles profile
  • Distinguished product from dissimiliar products and competitors
  • Persuaded customers to retain accounts
  • Persuaded customers to obtain accounts
  • Registered trademark in Australia
  • Promoted client CDChoice


  • Sent Unsolicited Mail (SPAM) tcomplaints to internal filters for review
  • Handled Account Shutdown of Spammers through Client Notification & Cancellation
  • Monitored Account Signups to detect potential or repeat Spammers
  • Notified ISPs and domains of spammer activity to accounts
  • Coordinated with New York City Police Department Computer Crimes Division,,,,, and to neutralize rabid "Pamela Lee Anderson Video" spammer


  • Utilized Macintosh & PC operating systems
  • Processed Customer Requests with UNIX, Emacs Word Processors
  • Worked in Web Browser Secure Server & Emacs SCREEN Environment
  • Comfortable with NetScape & Explorer Browsers
  • Operated internal "Munge" UNIX-based database
  • Searched Zip files through grep & glimpse commands
  • Tracked email through header analysis & maillog decoding
  • Updated Company Webpages via HTML script & files
  • Typing speed increased from 25 to 30 wpm
  • Hosted programmer as roomate =)

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